VALBY, DENMARK – October 15, 2017 – Breakthrough crash prediction service enters beta and signs up early customers. The purpose of the Coin Crash Alert service is to provide a unique, cutting-edge tool to assist in protecting cryptocurrency community members against potential crash events or significant downside price movements in the cryptocurrency universe.

The Coin Crash Alert is a predictive model based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm, developed and deployed by Nordic Crypto. Coin Crash Alert algorithm can be effectively used as a means for a broad based crash protection in the cryptocurrency community.

The predictive quality of the model allows a wide spectrum of cryptocurrency market participants to make better timed decisions, be in it in considering a new cryptocurrency acquisition or re-adjusting existing crypto asset holdings.

In a time period spanning back to 2013, actively tracked cryptocurrencies have generated 54 Coin Crash Alerts, with about 65% of these alerts resulting in significant moves lower and downside corrections ranging up to 66% from alert days.