April 16th 2018

Quarterly Briefing 

CHARLOTTENLUND, DENMARK – April 16th, 2018 – Nordic Crypto concludes it’s second quarter shareholder briefing at Charlottenlund Slot. The shareholder briefings are confidential, however highlights from market overview are occasionally shared with the public. 

March 12th 2018

Nordic Crypto announces plans to launch Blackbox for exchanges and professional investors. 

CHARLOTTENLUND, DENMARK – March 12th 2018 – The Nordic Crypto Blackbox has come into existence after extensive model-building and data science work. The Blackbox is derived from underlying model components that have been part of several profitable currency and futures trading models for over a decade.

Initially, the algorithm behind the Blackbox was designed and honed with the purpose of serving a closed-group of private investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Seeing the powerful results of the trading model behind the Nordic Crypto Blackbox, the model was subsequently decided by these investors to be made available to a much wider audience.

Addressing the common shortcomings of plethora of automated bots currently populating the cryptocurrency space, which largely lack transparency and are mostly based on simple technical indicators, the Nordic Crypto Blackbox brings forth a model that harnesses results and knowledge of over a decade of real market trading. Created by true market specialists with combined multi-decade market experiences, the Nordic Crypto Blackbox stands aside from the crowd by bringing institutional level credibility to the burgeoning crypto space.

December 22nd 2017

Nordic Crypto closes financing round with Friendly Investors

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – December 22, 2018 – Nordic Crypto closes a DKK 6 million investment round with 26 investors.

Nordic Crypto is a Danish fintech company that develops proprietary trading algorithms, models and analytical research for institutional finance and investors.

The company was co-founded by Kristian Siggard-Jensen and Tao Bindslev 2017 with the purpose of delivering financial technology tools to professional investors. We leverage a portfolio of unique and time-tested algorithms from financial markets.

October 15th 2017
Nordic Crypto announces breakthrough crash prediction algorithm in beta

VALBY, DENMARK – October 15, 2017 – Breakthrough crash prediction service enters beta and signs up early customers. The purpose of the Coin Crash Alert service is to provide a unique, cutting-edge tool to assist in protecting cryptocurrency community members against potential crash events or significant downside price movements in the cryptocurrency universe.

The Coin Crash Alert is a predictive model based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm, developed and deployed by Nordic Crypto. Coin Crash Alert algorithm can be effectively used as a means for a broad based crash protection in the cryptocurrency community.

The predictive quality of the model allows a wide spectrum of cryptocurrency market participants to make better timed decisions, be in it in considering a new cryptocurrency acquisition or re-adjusting existing crypto asset holdings.

In a time period spanning back to 2013, actively tracked cryptocurrencies have generated 54 Coin Crash Alerts, with about 65% of these alerts resulting in significant moves lower and downside corrections ranging up to 66% from alert days.