Private investors

While the trading conditions and the market structure in the cryptocurrency markets are rapidly changing and evolving, the current market place is still sorely lacking in access to reliable risk management tools and knowledge-base of rule-based trading methodologies.

Nordic Crypto Blackbox fills this gap with the most timely solution! Harnessing a model that has been traded in real markets and proven as a consistent alpha-generator over a span multiple years and variable market conditions, Blackbox brings an  institutional-level, professional trading system to the use of private individuals.

Unlike the bulk of the bots programmed to algorithmically buy and sell cryptocurrencies, which are based on simple technical indicators that have limited time value, Blackbox utilizes a trading model, underpinnings of which go back to early 2000’s.

While simple and commonly known technical indicators may bring about positive results in the very early stages of a new cryptocurrency, such simplistic trading models become quickly defunct. On the contrary, Blackbox’s does not rely on simplistic indicators, but rather harnesses model components that have been traded in Forex and Futures markets, with consistently positive results for decade and a half.

The Blackbox will be made avaiable to private investors in collaboration with a few selected exchanges, brokers and funds. While in beta. we are also making the Blackbox available to qualified private investors. 

Pre-register on the form below for early access to the beta release of the Blackbox. At this stage, the selection critiera for direct  private investor beta program include level of investment activity and minimum allocation of €10.000 to cryptocurrencies.