On May 14th 2018 our Blackbox generated a buy signal for Zcash on the ZECUSD pair with entry signal of USD 312.  The historical trading metrics for USD based trading pairs show the algorithm has a 50% chance of winning with a risk to reward ratio of 1:15. The previous 121 signals backtested across the main USD pairs carry an average loss of -18% and win of 144% per trade. Holding period is between a few days and 3 months with an average of 33 days. Read more about the historical performance here.

The Nordic Crypto Blackbox is based on a proprietary, rule-based algorithm that generates buying and selling signals in cryptocurrencies for institutional finance and professional investors. Harnessing near two decades of currency and futures market trading experiences, the Blackbox introduces the discipline and the advantages of a proven, rule based trading approach to volatile cryptocurrency market. Signals are generated based on quantitative data and disregards hype or qualitative input from the coin or market.