Nordix is a Danish fintech company that develops proprietary trading algorithms, models and analytical research for institutional finance and investors.

The company was founded in 2017 with the purpose of delivering financial technology tools to professional investors. We leverage a portfolio of unique and time-tested algorithms from financial markets.

The algorithms behind the Nordix Blackbox and Coin Crash Alert have been part of several profitable currency and futures trading models for over a decade. Initially, the algorithm behind the Blackbox was designed and honed with the purpose of serving a closed-group of private investors and digital asset enthusiasts. Seeing the powerful results of the trading model behind the Nordix Blackbox, the model was subsequently decided by these investors to be made available to a much wider audience.


Nordix ApS
Jægersborg Allé 1
2920 Charlottenlund
CVR: 36066016
VAT: DK36066016

Telephone: +45 60131830
Email: [email protected]