The Algorithm Factory

Nordix is a Danish fintech company that develops proprietary trading algorithms, models and analytical research for institutional finance and professional investors.

Blackbox for institutional investors

Beta release of a proprietary, rule-based algorithmic blackbox that auto-generates entry and exit signals with a postive expectancy.

Growing the blockchain information infrastructure

Academic paper by Karim Jabbar published by the Association of Computing Machinery as part of his Ph.D. studies at Copenhagen University.

Trading signals

Professional investors may participate in the early adopter program in collaboration with selected exchanges

Blackbox for institutional investors

The Nordix Blackbox is a proprietary, rule-based algorithmic app that auto-generates entry and exit signals in digital assets

Crash warning for Digital Assets

Beta release of predictive crash alert for professional investors with digital asset holdings

Founded and managed by experienced team with background in institutional finance and technology 

Blackbox API trading

A proprietary, rule-based algorithmic tool that auto-generates entry and exit signals in digital assets. The model-based entry signals are created with a formulation that simultaneously gauge number of variables, including delta in price and volatility in relation to time.

Signals on the go


The Nordic Crypto Blackbox is setup to notify the investor of trading signals with SMS, email or while logged into the app. Furthermore, the Blackbox can be configured to rautomatically trade on your behalf with selected exchanges.